Unarvai - Vijay Kannan - Ft. Meera Manohar

by Vijay Kannan



This is the first video song, of my original composition sung by the very talented Meera Manohar. Meera and I co-wrote the lyrics and she took care of the video editing as well. :)

Video: youtu.be/YtnobSOIjlA

The evolution of this song from the scratch to final version is an interesting one. I had made it as a basic tune that traverses through many ragas; (Karaharapriya, Sriranjani, Reethigowlai, Baageshri as these ragas are very close in their structure) It was a tune that I liked and called it Uncertain (due to it being always changing shades from one raga to another). When Meera heard it, she was really excited and suggested we make it as a proper song. So then the stanza happened followed by the interlude(raga Kaanada) etc ;). Anyway, do listen and if you like, do support us by buying it. :-)

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Lyrics transliterated from Tamil


unarvai kaatida thayakkam yaeno? nee koorada!
urugi theindhidum endhan idhayathai nee paarada!

En thevaigal, thaapangalini unnullil karaigindra tharunam
Un Swaasam Un Moochinil ini Naan dhaan....
Un thevaigal thaapangalini ennullil karaigindra tharunam
En Swaasam En moochinil ini nee dhaan.....

unarvai kaatida thayakkam yaeno? nee koorada!
urugi theindhidum endhan idhayathai nee paarada!
unai kaanamal yengum en manadhinil nee koodivaa
unai paaramale theyum idhayathul nee thaanada


Nee pogum idamellaam
Nizhalaai unnai thodarvaene
Nee kaanum idamellam
minminiyaai parappaen

Nee pesum vaarthaigalil
ul artham aagi viduven
Nee thoongum pozhudhinil naan
un kanavaai maarividuven

yaen ennai izhandhaene, indha thaapangal yaenada?
nee indri indha vaazhakai perum baaramaagi ponadhada

manam vaadidum tharunangal ennavo sol?

manam vaadidum tharunangal ennavo sol ….

Rough Translation: (to be understood as being sung by a girl)


Why do you hesitate to show your feelings? Do tell?
(Why can't) you perceive my heart which is pining (for you)?

This is the moment when (your)my desires dissolve in (me)you.
In (my)your breath, (you are)I am.

Why do you hesitate to show your feelings? Do tell?
(Why can't) you perceive my heart which is pining (for you)?
Come hither to dwell in my mind that aches for not seeing you.
In the heart which wanes in not finding you, you are.


To all the places you go,
I come as your shadow.
Wherever you see,
I am there like a firefly. (all figuratively, just to be clear ;))

In the words you speak,
I am there as the meaning.
When you are asleep,
I come as your dreams.

Why am I losing myself, what is happening to me?
Life without you has become too big a burden (to live).

What moments are these that my mind wilts?


released August 7, 2014
Original Lyrics: Meera Manohar and Vijay Kannan
Original Music, Arrangement, Flute, Percussions and Programming: Vijay Kannan
Mixing and Mastering: Bharath Venkatesan



all rights reserved


Vijay Kannan Berlin, Germany

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